Zodiac unmasked


graphically and time-wise than that sketch there, but it could easily have been the guy. We have evidence that about a quarter mile down the road, about forty-five minutes earlier, Zodiac was seen without his mask by a doctor and his young son.” Dr. Clifton Rayfield, an opthalmologist, and his son, David, had parked their car four-fifths of a mile further up the road from Hartnell’s Karmann Ghia and toward Oak Shores Park and Rancho Monticello. “Rayfield reported to me,” continued Narlow, “that at approximately 6:30 P.P. he and his son had parked their vehicle north of Park Headquarters . . . in the general area of the crime scene and walked down toward the beach. While en route Rayfield observed a WMA described as five ten inches, heavy ¬†build, wearing dark trousers and a long-sleeved dark shirt with red coloring.”

David Rayfield had seen Zodiac unmasked. Thirty-two years had passed since anyone had asked him about the man he had seen. I tracked him down.

“How many people would you say were up at the lake that day?” I began.

“There wer like zero,” Rayfield said. “There was no one up there – it was really desolate. I walked all around and was shooting my gun, a .22 with a scope. That’s why my dad and I went to the lake, because I could shoot my gun and not be bothered, wouldn’t be scaring or hurting anyone. My dad never saw him. He was fishing down at the lake. I saw Zodiac at a distance of about one hundred yards, so I wouldn’t be able to comment on his face. He was walking along the hillside about halfway between the road and the lake. But I remember him as being a stockier person. He wasn’t nimble when he was walking. And when he turned to walk away he wasn’t like a smooth, athletic person. To me he¬†seemed a little overweight and on the clumsier side. Not having followed the story or ever having been re-interviewed by the police. I didn’t realize Zodiac came upon us just before he stabbed the young couple. I sort of assumed I saw him making his getaway. I’ll tell you one thing, he didn’t like fact I was carrying a gun. He turns and looks at me and my gun (which with its scope was pretty intimidating) for probably five, six seconds, and then turned and went up the hill in a southerly direction. I said to myself, ‘That was funny. This guy wasn’t carrying a fishing pole. There’s no camping equipment. There’s no gun. What he doing out here?’ ”

The attacker had sweaty dark brown hair – which showed through dark glasses covering eyelets in the hood. And it’s not impossible the guy was wearing a wig.” If Zodiac had been the dark-haired man, then eyewitnesses had seen him without his hood, observed events preceding the crime.

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