Letter for Satan

“We continued to get tips on Satan worshippers and astrology freaks throughout the investigation,” Tocshi said. Zodiac’s arcane symbols drew wild theories, even threats against those involved in the occult. Satanist Anton Szandor La Vey, master of the Church of Satan, publisher of The Cloven Hoof and The Satanic Bible, received a death threat from someone who thought he might be Zodiac. Because of the astrology angle, witchcraft symbols, and satanic black robes (the “Code Killer’s” grisly executioner’s costume had obvious ties to the Black Mass), La Vey himself had once been a suspect. Immediately, he sent the letter over to Avery at the Chronicle.

“Dear Satan. . . Now women lay in the streets in your Devil control. But of course all things come to ends. . .forces are working against you. My fight against you has been going on for many generations with little success. This really bothers me, Satan, to no end! You can choose your choice of weapons, but I prefer knives. . . I wish more than anything to have your blood on my sword.”

“He prefers knives,” thought the journalist. He rang fellow reporter Dae Peterson for his opinion on the threat. “And knives are used in rituals,” Peterson told Avery, “which brings me to black magician Aleister Crowley’s ceremonial hooded robe. Crowley’s robe, used in arcane rituals, was emblazoned with the Rose and Cross of the Secret Order of the Golden Dawn–a crossed circle.” If Zodiac was part of a satanic cult sacrificing  victims in accordance with the phases of the moon and religious holidays, that might explain everything. How else could Zodiac drive so many different cars, kill over a sizable geographical area, come in so many shapes and sizes, and write letters in different handwriting styles? The hands of Satan had to figure somewhere in the mystery.

Satanism–possibly,” said Zodiac buff David Rice. “Satanism is a more fruitful area.” Zodiac used inverted words, the number thirteen, Sartor Crosses, and Black Mass phrases. He employed astrology and numerology and drew evil eyes and bloody crosses. His triangles (representing the Holy Trinity) were turned upside down. I had heard tales of the blue Rock Springs victim’s interest in the occult–”a candle and skull in her

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