“‘We’re very frustrated .’ Karen told me. ‘We just don’t know how serious Vallejo took us. I know there are a lot of leads coming in.We just decided to call you because we were seeing your name  and Inspector Armstrong’s name in the papers.’ ‘Because of the letters to the Chronicle and the media coverage,’ I told them, ‘we’re getting it all.  We sure would like to spread it around a little more.’ That got a little chuckle from both Ron and Karen. ‘ When we get a call, we take it seriously,’ I told them. ‘ We just decided, you took the time to call, we’ll take the information now and and notify  the detective from that jurisdiction , see what he knows  and maybe it will ring  a bell.’

” I noticed that Ron was speaking with even more emotion than earlier. It was as if a little frustration had entered Ron and his wife since they saw nothing more was coming from the Vallejo investigation. Ron and Karen told us that Leigh had spent time in Southern California and was familiar with the area, but they weren’t too sure exactly what he was doing because he was on his own a lot.

” As we progressed we learned about the school in Sonoma and that he had a trailer up there. ‘Leigh has a couple of old junkers , old beat-up cars,’ Ron told us. ‘He’s what you would call a professional student .’ Allen’s sister-in-law told us that the suspect was now residing alone in a house trailer in Santa Rosa part of the week [Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays]. Apparently this is where he kept all his personal property. We just didn’t have enough at the time to move up there. You can’t just go running  in ten different directions. We were very careful to see the chief  of inspectors when we came back, to keep him apprised of every move we made. ‘Keep  working on it,’ Barca said.

“Next morning, I went in to see Walter Giubbini. We knew we needed more , but we had to fill in the number-two man in the D.A.’s office. All the fingerprinting had been negative and the handprinting of Arthur Leigh Allen had, according to Mulanax and Lundbland, been negative, but the chief assistant sat straight up as we told him what the Allens had related. ‘We’re pretty excited about it,’ I said.

” ‘ I wonder why Vallejo didn’t call you guys,’ said Giubbini, ‘and tell you everything about this Arthur Leigh Allen.’

” ‘ We’re giving them everything we’ve got, Walter, so we can get closure on this. Do we have enough for a search warrant?’

” ‘ Frankly, you don’t. Unless you get more physical evidence.

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  1. The problem with Robert Graysmith’s work is the lack of matching physical evidence concerning the handwritten letters. Why could it not be the case that someone else from that evil cult wrote the letters? Someone way higher up in the hierarchy of society. Compare the Zodiac case with that of Citizen X, the Russian serial killer. With Citizen X a breakthrough was only possible after the Soviet Union and foremost the Communist Party had collapsed. In that case, which was plain pedophelia, the steering committee member of the Communist Party was the only one who kept real progress in the case at bay.

    Did not the same happen in San Fran Cisco? Once you realize that satanic cults which practice child abuse and ritual murder are massively covered up through the Justice and Police Departments, why would not someone else had written the Zodiac letters? It sure created a wave of fear through the Bay area, like with the Charlie Manson case. Also compare with the Dutreaux case in Belgium, where massive cover-ups are still at hand, as are with several key unsolved murder cases in the Netherlands which also show a massive cover-up from the Dutch Justice authorities.

    What about the Franklin Cover Up?

    Satanic murder cases seldom are single person crimes. Through their ultra-secret organization, which is embedded and infiltrated into highest places of governance, justice, police and even the press and media, they can tamper with any detail before, during and after the crime.

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